E-News # 45 September, 2019
Hallberg-Rassy 44 category winner in Tjörn Runt 2019

Swedish Hallberg-Rassy 44 "Akka" won the cruising category, among 26 yachts on the start list. Due to rough weather and a lot of rain, only 9 out of 26 boats completed, and the Hallberg-Rassy 44 was the very fastest, no matter if calculated after handicap or after actual sailed time.

“We could so easily adjust the sail area, the sheets and the trim, thanks to push button sailing. That strongly contributed to our good result” says the lucky crew with Björn J, Magnus B and Jonas J.

Danish premiere for the Hallberg-Rassy 340

See the Danish premiere for Hallberg-Rassy 340 at the Copenhagen Boat Show 30 August- 1 September 2019.

See the Hallberg-Rassy 57 and 340 in Oslo

Come and see the Hallberg-Rassy 57 with hardtop as well as the Hallberg-Rassy 340 in Oslo 5-8 September 2019. For the 57 it is Norwegian premiere.

See a Hallberg-Rassy 44 and 340 in Lelystad

Come and see a Hallberg-Rassy 44 and 340 at Hiswa te water boat show, Batavin Haven, Lelystad, near Amsterdam, 4-8 September.

Hallberg-Rassy 44 at Cannes Yachting Festival

Come and see the Hallberg-Rassy 44 at the Cannes Yachting Festival in France 10-15 September.

See a 340, 44 and 57 in Southampton 13-22 September

Come and see a Hallberg-Rassy 340, 44 and 57 at the in-water show Southampton International Boat Show 13-22 September.

See a Hallberg-Rassy 340 at Interboot in Friedrichshafen 21-29 September

Come and see a Hallberg-Rassy 340 at the indoor boat show Interboot in Friedrichshafen, south Germany, 21-29 September 2019.

See a 310 and 340 in Yokohama 27-29 September

Come and see a Hallberg-Rassy 310 and 340 at Yokohama Floating Yacht Show 27-29 September at Yokohama Bayside Marina, Japan.

US premiere for the 48 Mk II, private viewing of the new 44

There will be US premiere for the Hallberg-Rassy 48 Mk II at the Annapolis Sailboat Show 10-14 October 2019. There will also be a possibility to arrange a private viewing of the new 44.

Movie from the first 40C under construction

See a YouTube movie from the first Hallberg-Rassy 40C under construction.

Aft Cockpit 310
Center Cockpit 40C
44 48 Mk II
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